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Fort Piqua Plaza Restoration
Fort Piqua Hotel - Downtown Piqua, Ohio

 Fort Piqua Plaza - Downtown Piqua

The Fort Piqua Plaza opened on October 19, 2008.  Click the link below to see photos from the Grand Opening Celebration.

Fort Piqua Plaza Grand Opening Celebration



Click Below for Updates & Photos of the Project


Project Update & Photos (September 4, 2008)


The City of Piqua is in the process of restoring the old Fort Piqua Hotel, built in 1891. The development plan is for 45,000 sq ft of the 85,000 sq ft structure to be occupied by the Flesh Public Library.

The project will include restoration of the former grand ballroom into a community banquet facility. There will also be commercial leased space on the ground floor for two different business to provide a restaurant or coffee shop and another business compatible with the library and the rest of the downtown. When the restoration of this landmark is complete, it may be the single most spectacular structure in the city, and is certain to attract attention from the entire region.  Click here to see architect renderings of the restored hotel building.

In addition to its architectural grandeur the hotel has a rich history of providing shelter to presidents and other persons of national prominence including Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, Warren G. Harding, John Phillips Sousa and Harry Houdini. Locally it was a meeting place for the Women's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) and the Anti-Saloon League, during prohibition. Later it became the site of a 1947 NAACP staged sit-in at the lunch counter that resulted in the end of restaurant segregation in the entire city.

The project has attracted attention and funding from many sources, both close to home and far away. The federal government will allow tax credits that provide cash to the project totaling over $3 million for historic tax credits and $3.9 million in new markets tax credits. The State of Ohio has committed to approximately $2.26 million in state grants. In addition the local fund-raising group has raised in excess of $3 million. This funding, combined with city funds committed to the project as well as rent from the library and other tenants has made it possible for a scaled-back project to proceed. However there is still a $1 million gap to complete the 4th floor banquet room. The city has committed to completing the project though the fund raising is still underway and will not be completed until August of 2007. Citizen's interested in contributing are urged to participate the Hotel / Library Legacy Alliance's "Restoring Piqua's Treasure" fundraising campaign.  

Construction is scheduled to begin in December of 2006. The work is scheduled to take 18 months to complete. 


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