Piqua Dog Park/Off-Leash Play Area at Hollow Park


Dog Off-Leash Play Area at Hollow Park

Piqua’s Dog Park is open on weekends at Hollow Park!

The City of Piqua Parks system includes this designated Dog Off-Leash Play Area in addition to permitting leashed dogs in most areas of the public parks. Dogs are not allowed on organized athletic fields or within swimming pool areas, or in areas intended exclusively for small children.

Designated Off-Leash Play Areas allow dogs that are responsive to the voice commands of their master to run free, roll over, play fetch, and socialize with canine friends without the constraint of a leash. Dogs that are not obedient to voice commands or are easily distracted or agitated by conditions commonly found in outdoor surroundings should remain on a leash at all times when in a public park setting, including designated Dog Off-Leash Play Areas.

Signage at Hollow Park delineates the boundaries of designated Dog Off-Leash Play Areas and the following rules are posted.

Dog Off-Leash Play Area Rules:

Dogs shall have a current license issued by the Miami County Auditor and must wear a collar with the license displayed at all times while in the park (non-licensed dogs are prohibited).

Dog shall be current on all vaccinations (unvaccinated dogs are prohibited).

Dogs in heat are prohibited.

Dogs demonstrating aggressive behavior and/or vicious dogs are prohibited.

Dogs shall not be permitted to dig holes or engage in other behavior that is destructive of property.

Dogs shall remain on leash while entering and exiting the dog play area.

Dogs shall remain within the designated dog play area while off leash.

The responsible person for each dog must be an adult 18 years of age or older.

The responsible person for each dog must be within eyesight and voice control over their dog at all times.

The responsible person for each dog must be prepared to leash their dog immediately if the dog becomes unruly, worrisome to others, aggressive to animals or humans, or displays mounting behavior.

The responsible person for each dog should honor the request of others to leash your dog if asked.

The responsible person for each dog must clean up after their dog and waste must be disposed of completely and immediately.

The responsible person for each dog is financially liability for injuries or damages caused by their dog.

All children under the age of 18 must be monitored and accompanied by a guardian at all times.


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