Rental Registration Program

The City of Piqua recognizes the need to preserve and promote the quality of existing housing and to provide for safe and sanitary housing conditions for residential tenants. In furtherance of this objective, a Rental Registration Program has been proposed.  

The Rental Registration Program requires all owners of rental dwellings in the city to obtain a license annually for each rental dwelling unit. Rental dwelling units must be inspected by the City of Piqua to ensure compliance with any applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations at the initial time of application, and not less than once every three years following the initial inspection, and at each change of occupancy, and at each change of ownership (as deemed necessary and practicable by the Code Official). 

A draft of the proposed ordinance is available on this webpage or can be secured from the City of Piqua Development Department.  Also posted to this page is a copy of the Rental Registration Program presentation provided at the City Commission work session on April 24, 2023.  

The review and adoption and planned implementation schedule for the Rental Registration Program will be as shown in the table below. 

Property Maintenance Code

Adoption Timeline
April 24, 2023City Commission/Planning Commission Work Session
April 24, 2023
Public Comment Period Begins
May 24, 2023
Public Comment Period Ends
June 13, 2023Planning Commission Public Hearing
June 20, 2023City Commission Ordinance 1st Reading
July 18, 2023City Commission Ordinance 2nd Reading
August 1, 2023City Commission Ordinance 3rd Reading
August 23, 2023Ordinance Adopted
September 1, 2023Registration Notification
October 1, 2023Registration Period Begins
December 31, 2023Registration Period Ends
January 1, 2024Inspections Begin