2020 Fiscal Update Presentation – Presented at June 1, 2021 City Commission Meeting

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City of Piqua Finance Director Cynthia Holtzapple presented the 2020 Fiscal Update to the City Commission at the June 1, 2021 City Commission Meeting.

The historical data(2016-2019) is from the audited financial statements/CAFR. The 2020 information is from the 2020 CAFR to which the audit and review are in progress and will be released by the State of Ohio late summer or early fall.

Except for the Street funds, the fund balances are those that are unrestricted per the reports, not total fund balances. For Street funds(101 and 103), all fund balances are restricted.

Click here to view the full report: https://piquaoh.org/download/2020-Fiscal-Update-June-1.pdf

Watch a video of the presentation here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7_vG1hF23A&t=316


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