Piqua Volunteer Parks Clean Up Cancelled

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City of Piqua has decided to cancel the 2021 Volunteer Parks Clean Up Day due to restricted planning time. Typically, each Spring volunteers assist with clean-up efforts in the parks.  The city will restart the program in 2022.

We know during this time of year, households do some spring-cleaning. Below are some reminders when placing your trash and recycling out for collection.


Trash: All trash must be placed in a City of Piqua trash cart to be collected.

Acceptable items include:

All non-recyclable materials: Plastic bags, diapers, plastic toys, hangers, clothing, garden hoses, window glass/mirrors, dishes, electronics, cat litter, food scraps, batteries, Styrofoam

Unacceptable Items: Hazardous waste, sharps, tires, or construction and demolition materials

Recycling: Do not bag. Place loose in a City of Piqua recycling cart.

Acceptable items include:

Plastic Bottles: Plastic beverage bottles, 2-liter soda bottles, frozen food boil-in-bag pouches, microwave food trays, milk jugs, detergent bottles, bleach bottles, aspirin bottles, Vinyl cooking oil bottles, mouthwash bottles, etc.

Glass Bottles & Jars: Clear, green, blue and brown glass bottles and jars in which food products are packaged

Paper: Newspapers, junk mail, magazines, corrugated cardboard, chipboard, paperboard such as cereal boxes, and detergent boxes, beverage containers with a “gable” top and polycoated paperboard like milk cartons and juice cartons, wet strength cardboard like soda and beer carriers, and phonebooks.

Cans: Aluminum and bi-metal beverage cans, aluminum foil and steel food cans

Unacceptable Items: Styrofoam, napkins and paper plates, oil jugs, window glass, light bulbs, mugs, pots and pans, scrap metal, wax paper, clothing, bubble wrap, plastic bowls and buckets, plastic grocery bags, mirrors, drinking glasses, pyrex, coat hangers, wax-coated plastic, paint cans, batteries.

Bulk Items: Place next to the trash cart


Acceptable Items: 1 – 3 Items Per week: Furniture, Appliances, Mattresses.  Does not include extra bags or boxes full of trash.


Yard Waste: Place in a marked can or paper bag next to trash

Acceptable items include:

Brush & Tree Trimmings: All twigs, branches, limbs, and other trimmings of trees will be collected only if less than six feet in length and less than four inches in diameter. Bushes and tree trimmings must be tied to bundles no larger than 24 inches in diameter or placed in biodegradable paper bags or cans.


Grass Clippings: Grass clippings and yard waste must be placed loose in trash cans or in biodegradable paper bags, and clearly separated from any garbage or trash. They will be collected on the same days as regular trash when possible.


Leaves: If leaves are collected in biodegradable paper bags or placed loose in trash cans for collection by the Sanitation Department, they should be placed at your normal collection site and clearly separate from trash and recycling. The City Street Division will collect un-bagged leaves only during the fall.


The following are items that will NOT be collected by the Sanitation Department:

Tires, eviction, move out items, or excessive amounts of bulk items; Needles (sharps) not in a puncture proof container; Concrete, rocks, bricks, and dirt; Construction and demolition materials including wood, drywall, lumber, siding, roofing; hazardous materials including paint, pesticides, gasoline, herbicides, etc.; Material transported into the City from outside the corporate limits.

For more information regarding the Sanitation Department, please visit our website at piquaoh.org.


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