Police Public Information Activity Log


The Piqua Police Department strives for transparency where it is possible. We endeavor to provide opportunities for citizens to read about our daily activities while also protecting the privacy of those that we are directly serving. So, please understand that this report is not a Public Records Release. In most cases, more information is available for release, we have just chosen not to publish the information on our own initiative. Should anyone require clarification on what constitutes a Public Record they are encouraged to click on the following link to the Ohio Attorney General's website for clarification. 

Public Records requests may be made at the Piqua Police Department Monday through Friday during regular business hours; 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. For online requests please use the links below.  

Crash Report

The Piqua Police Department is able to produce Crash Reports to those requesting them for $4.00 per report. You are also able to obtain a Crash Report from CarFax for free. View Crash Reports.

Public Information Log

The Piqua Police Department Public Information Log is produced from our Records Management System. This system is shared with the Miami County Communication Center and other county public safety agencies. Sharing the system increases efficiency by decreasing the number of times the same information must be entered into the system.

The number in the top left corner of each entry is our case number. If you desire more information about something you are reading, you may make a Public Records Request by appearing in person at the police department, or by using our online service for requesting a report. Referencing the case number ensures that you receive the report you are looking for when making a request.

The call type listed next to the case number is based on the type of dispatch as determined by the dispatcher when receiving the call. The description on the right side shows what the officer determined the call type to be upon investigation.

The narrative portion is our Initial Report as described in Ohio Public Records Laws.

This Public Information Log is updated on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each week. Briefing Logs can be quite lengthy and maybe 50 or more pages in length. Certain types of activity are omitted, so this is not an exclusive list of the number or type of calls for service experienced by the Piqua Police Department.

Media Arrest Summary

The Piqua Police Department Media Arrest Summary is produced from our Records Management System. This system is shared with the Miami County Jail and other county public safety agencies. Sharing the system increases efficiency by decreasing the number of times the same information must be entered into the system.

The Arrest Time/Date determines what information is included in this log. Sometimes this corresponds with the time and dates the person was taken into custody and transported to jail. However, this cannot be assumed. In some cases, changes have been made to charges made against an individual and the time reflects the most current changes. In other cases, this entry reflects the time/date charges were filed in the court system against an individual on an older case. The list of offenses might include charges made against an individual by other departments at the same time they were arrested or booked by the Piqua Police Department.

The “Related Incidents” number is the case number in our records system that most accurately reflects the details of our arrest. As described in the above section regarding our Public Information Log, requesting additional information by case number is the best way to get additional information. This log only reflects the charges made by our department and is not an accurate reflection of the actions of the court system. Subjects should not be presumed guilty of these crimes. 

The purpose of publishing this information is to provide citizens with accurate and timely information for use in their daily lives. People frequently want to know why the police were down the street, why someone got charged/arrested, or if anyone was arrested for incidents under investigation. By following the link for our publications above, citizens can browse through recent publications or search for certain words to get the most useful information.

Old Logs: Piqua Police Department Public Information Publications

Piqua Police Department Public Information Publications

Piqua PD Public Information Publications

  1. 23-25-1A-Arrest Summary-Public (PDF).pdf
  2. 23-25-1A-Public Information Log-Public (PDF).pdf
  3. 23-25-2B-Arrest Summary-Public (PDF).pdf
  4. 23-25-2B-Public Information Log-Public (PDF).pdf
  5. 23-25-3A-Arrest Summary-Public (PDF).pdf
  6. 23-25-3A-Public Information Log-Public (PDF).pdf
  7. 23-26-1B-Arrest Summary-Public (PDF).pdf
  8. 23-26-1B-Public Information Log-Public (PDF).pdf
  9. 23-26-2A-Arrest Summary-Public (PDF).pdf
  10. 23-26-2A-Public Information Log-Public (PDF).pdf
  11. 23-26-3B-Arrest Summary-Public (PDF).pdf
  12. 23-26-3B-Public Information Log-Public (PDF).pdf
  13. 23-27-2B-Arrest Summary-Public (PDF).pdf
  14. 23-27-2B-Public Information Log-Public (PDF).pdf
  15. 23-27-3A-Public Information Log-Public (PDF).pdf
  16. 23-27-3A-Arrest Summary-Public (PDF).pdf
  17. 23-28-1B-Public Information Log-Public (PDF).pdf
  18. 23-28-1B-Arrest Summary-Public (PDF).pdf
  19. 23-28-2A-Arrest Summary-Public (PDF).pdf
  20. 23-28-2A-Public Information Log-Public (PDF).pdf
  21. 23-28-3B-Public Information Log-Public (PDF).pdf
  22. 23-28-3B-Arrest Summary-Public (PDF).pdf
  23. 23-29-1A-Public Information Log-Public (PDF).pdf
  24. 23-29-1A-Arrest Summary-Public (PDF).pdf
  25. 23-29-2B-Public Information Log-Public (PDF).pdf
  26. 23-29-2B-Arrest Summary-Public (PDF).pdf
  27. 23-29-3A-Public Information Log-Public (PDF).pdf
  28. 23-29-3A-Arrest Summary-Public (PDF).pdf
  29. 23-30-1B-Public Information Log-Public (PDF).pdf
  30. 23-30-1B-Arrest Summary-Public (PDF).pdf
  31. 23-30-2A-Public Information Log-Public (PDF).pdf
  32. 23-30-2A-Arrest Summary-Public (PDF).pdf
  33. 23-30-3B-Public Information Log-Public (PDF).pdf
  34. 23-30-3B-Arrest Summary-Public (PDF).pdf
  35. 23-31-1A-Public Information Log-Public (PDF).pdf
  36. 23-31-1A-Arrest Summary-Public (PDF).pdf
  37. 23-31-2B-Public Information Log-Public (PDF).pdf
  38. 23-31-2B-Arrest Summary-Public (PDF).pdf
  39. 23-31-3A - Public_Information_Log - Public (PDF.pdf
  40. 23-31-3A - Arrest_Summary - Public (PDF).pdf.pdf
  41. 23-32-1B-Public Information Log-Public (PDF).pdf
  42. 23-32-1B-Arrest Summary-Public (PDF).pdf
  43. 23-32-2A-Public Information Log-Public. (PDF)pdf
  44. 23-32-2A-Arrest Summary-Public (PDF).pdf
  45. 23-32-3B-Public Information Log-Public (PDF_.pdf
  46. 23-32-3B-Arrest Summary-Public (PDF).pdf
  47. 23-33-1A-Public Information Log-Public (PDF).pdf
  48. 23-33-1A-Arrest Summary-Public (PDF).pdf
  49. 23-33-2B-Public Information Log-Public (PDF).pdf
  50. 23-33-2B-Arrest Summary-Public (PDF).pdf
  51. 23-33-3A-Public Information Log-Public (PDF).pdf
  52. 23-33-3A-Arrest Summary-Public (PDF).pdf
  53. 23-34-1B-Public Information Log-Public (PDF).pdf
  54. 23-34-1B-Arrest Summary-Public (PDF).pdf
  55. 23-34-2A-Public Information Log-Public (PDF).pdf
  56. 23-34-2A-Arrest Summary-Public (PDF).pdf
  57. 23-34-3B-Public Information Log-Public (PDF).pdf
  58. 23-34-3B-Arrest Summary-Public (PDF).pdf
  59. 23-35-1A-Public Information Log-Public (PDF).pdf
  60. 23-35-1A-Arrest Summary-Public (PDF).pdf
  61. 23-35-2B-Public Information Log-Public (PDF).pdf
  62. 23-35-2B-Arrest Summary-Public (PDF).pdf
  63. 23-35-3A-Public Information Log-Public (PDF).pdf
  64. 23-35-3A-Arrest Summary-Public (PDF).pdf
  65. 23-36-1B-Public Information Log-Public (PDF).pdf
  66. 23-36-1B-Arrest Summary-Public (PDF).pdf
  67. 23-36-2A-Public Information Log-Public (PDF).pdf
  68. 23-36-2A-Arrest Summary-Public (PDF).pdf
  69. 23-36-3B-Public Information Log-Public (PDF).pdf
  70. 23-36-3B-Arrest Summary-Public (PDF).pdf
  71. 23-37-1A-Public Information Log-Public (PDF).pdf
  72. 23-37-1A-Arrest Summary-Public (PDF).pdf
  73. 23-37-2B-Public Information Log-Public (PDF).pdf
  74. 23-37-2B-Arrest Summary-Public (PDF).pdf
  75. 23-37-3A - Public_Information_Log - Public (PDF).pdf
  76. 23-37-3A - Arrest_Summary - Public (PDF).pdf
  77. 23-38-1B-Public Information Log-Public (PDF).pdf
  78. 23-38-1B-Arrest Summary-Public (PDF).pdf
  79. 23-38-2A-Arrest Summary-Public (PDF).pdf
  80. 23-38-2A-Public Information Log-Public (PDF).pdf
  81. 23-38-3B-Public Information Log-Public (PDF).pdf
  82. 23-38-3B-Arrest Summary-Public (PDF).pdf
  83. 23-39-1A-Public Information Log-Public (PDF).pdf
  84. 23-39-1A-Arrest Summary-Public (PDF).pdf
  85. 23-39-2B-Public Information Log-Public (PDF).pdf
  86. 23-39-2B-Arrest Summary-Public (PDF).pdf
  87. 23-39-3A-Public Information Log-Public (PDF).pdf
  88. 23-39-3A-Arrest Summary-Public (PDF).pdf
  89. 23-40-1B-Public Information Log-Public (PDF).pdf
  90. 23-40-1B-Arrest Summary-Public (PDF).pdf
  91. 23-40-2A-Public Information Log-Public (PDF).pdf
  92. 23-40-2A-Arrest Summary-Public (PDF).pdf
  93. 23-40-3B - Arrest_Summary-Public (PDF).pdf
  94. 23-40-3B - Public_Information_Log - Public (PDF).pdf
  95. 23-41-1A - Arrest_Summary - Public (PDF).pdf.pdf
  96. 23-41-1A - Public_Information_Log - Public (PDF).pdf.pdf
  97. 23-41-3A - Arrest_Summary - Public (PDF).pdf
  98. 23-41-3A - Public_Information_Log - Public (PDF).pdf
  99. 23-41-2B - Arrest_Summary - Public (PDF).pdf
  100. 23-41-2B - Public_Information_Log - Public (PDF).pdf
  101. 23-42-1B-Public Information Log-Public (PDF).pdf
  102. 23-42-1B-Arrest Summary-Public (PDF).pdf
  103. 23-42-2A-Public Information Log-Public (PDF).pdf
  104. 23-42-2A-Arrest Summary-Public (PDF).pdf
  105. 23-42-3B-Public Information Log-Public (PDF).pdf
  106. 23-42-3B-Arrest Summary-Public (PDF).pdf
  107. 23-43-1A-Arrest Summary-Public(PDF).pdf
  108. 23-43-1A-Public Information Log-Public (PDF).pdf
  109. 23-43-2B-Public Information Log-Public(PDF).pdf
  110. 23-43-2B-Arrest Summary-Public(PDF).pdf
  111. 23-43-3A-Public Information Log-Public(PDF).pdf
  112. 23-43-3A-Arrest Summary-Public(PDF).pdf
  113. 23-44-1B-Public Information Log-Public(PDF).pdf
  114. 23-44-1B-Arrest Summary-Public(PDF).pdf
  115. 23-44-2A-Public Information Log-Public(PDF).pdf
  116. 23-44-2A-Arrest Summary-Public(PDF).pdf
  117. 23-44-3B-Arrest Summary-Public(PDF).pdf
  118. 23-44-3B-Public Information Log-Public(PDF).pdf
  119. 23-45-1A-Public Information Log-Public(PDF).pdf
  120. 23-45-1A-Arrest Summary-Public(PDF).pdf
  121. 23-45-2B-Arrest Summary-Public(PDF).pdf
  122. 23-45-2B-Public Information Log-Public(PDF).pdf
  123. 23-45-3A-Public Information Log-Public(PDF).pdf
  124. 23-45-3A-Arrest Summary-Public(PDF).pdf
  125. 23-46-1B-Public Information Log-Public(PDF).pdf
  126. 23-46-1B-Arrest Summary-Public(PDF).pdf
  127. 23-46-2A-Public Information Log-Public(PDF).pdf
  128. 23-46-2A-Arrest Summary-Public(PDF).pdf
  129. 23-46-3B-Public Information Log-Public(PDF).pdf
  130. 23-46-3B-Arrest Summary-Public(PDF).pdf
  131. 23-47-1A - Public_Informartion_Log - Public(PDF).pdf.pdf
  132. 23-47-1A - Arrest_Summary - Public (PDF).pdf.pdf
  133. 23-47-2B-Public Information Log-Public(PDF).pdf
  134. 23-47-2B-Arrest Summary-Public(PDF).pdf