The Streets Division of the Public Works Department maintains more than 150 miles of streets and 28 miles of alleys. The past few years have seen the city put more effort into maintaining and improving local city streets than any other time in the history of Piqua. Issue II funding allotted by the State of Ohio, and the recent renewal of the Piqua street income tax allow the city the flexibility to take an aggressive approach toward street construction. Well-maintained streets are the basis of all communities, and without well-conditioned roadways, travel becomes haphazard and treacherous. The City of Piqua is striving to become the leader of Miami County in road renovation.

As part of the City's street maintenance program and stormwater runoff management, the City of Piqua performs street sweeping on a regular basis. The schedule for the street sweeping ensures that every street is covered once a month (the actual street sweeping schedule begins in the Shawnee area and then proceeds around the City in a clockwise fashion.). The downtown streets are swept every Friday starting at 2 am.

Provided below is a map showing when and where street resurfacing has taken place in Piqua over the last 10 years. During this timeframe, Piqua has paved every geographic area of the city. View  the Resurfacing 2009 to 2020 Map (PDF)

Resurfacing 2020 to 2009The Streets Division of the Public Works Department operates under the supervision of Public Works Director Brian Brookhart.