Utility Business Office

CMeterovid-19 Updated Procedures

Currently, our phone lines in the utility Billing Office are available Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm to assist you. Our Lobby hours are 8 am to 5 pm.

If you need assistance starting or stopping utility service, please visit our office at 201 W Water Street. To make a payment: You can use our automated phone system 937-778-2000, pay online through our website, or drop your payment off in our payment drop box located on the west side of our building. You may also visit our office at 201 W Water Street.

To Our Customers

We strive to deliver excellent service to our customers and provide efficient prompt service. We welcome your suggestions and/or comments.

Regular Walk-in Office

Monday through Friday  
8 am - 5 pm

Customer Service Phone Lines

Monday through Friday 
9 am to 5 pm

What We Do

The City of Piqua provides electric, water, wastewater, stormwater, and refuse pick-up which includes a recycling service.  Charges for the services listed above are billed to our customers monthly. Utility bills are due within 10 days from the date of billing.  A 5% late fee will be applied to any payment made after the due date. Our Customer Service Representatives and Field Technicians are available to assist you with questions and concerns you may have regarding your utility services. Please call our office at 937-778-2000 for assistance.

Visa Master Card DiscoverPayment of Utility Bills

Your City of Piqua utility bill payment may be mailed, deposited in our convenient drive-up payment box (located on the west side of our building between the Utility Billing Office and the Piqua Fire Department), or paid in our Utility Billing Office located at 201 W. Water Street.

You may also pay online from our website. We now accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover for payments on your accounts. Payments may be made through our Automated Phone system 24 hours a day. *All automated payment processing takes a minimum of two business days.

Level Billing Policy

The City of Piqua offers an Electric Level Billing Option to residential customers. The plan is designed so customers can pay the electric portion of their bill in 12 equal monthly amounts rather than experience the seasonal fluctuations of normal billing. The 12 equal payments are based on the past electric meter history. Although the amount to be paid each month remains the same for the electric, actual charges are calculated monthly and any difference between the amount paid and the amount charged becomes a deferred balance to be paid each September. A settle-up process occurs once each year in September and any deferred balances are applied to the account. This amount is also used in the calculation of the level payment amount for the next year. The customer will then automatically be started on Level Billing in October unless they request to be removed from the program. Eligible accounts may be placed in Level Billing from September – March of each year.

Any residential utility customer may apply for the plan, from September to March, providing they have lived at the current residence for one year and their account does not contain any arrears. Level Billing amounts must be paid monthly. Failure to pay the level amount each month by the due date will result in termination of participation in the Level Billing program. Customers may apply for Level Billing by contacting the Utility Billing Office. Utility Hardship Extension Application

The City of Piqua may provide a short-term payment arrangement extension to utility customers that qualify in certain non-recurring hardship circumstances. Customer eligibility will be based on a completed application and provided documentation. Only after exhausting all options thru the utility office may a customer complete a form to be reviewed by the City Manager or his designee. If approved, a one-time extension will be granted. Applications must be completed and returned to the Utility Billing Office at least 3 days prior to the disconnection date to qualify for a current shutoff date. Failure to fully complete the application process will result in the disconnection of your utilities on the given shutoff date. Applications may be obtained in the Utility Business Office upon request.

Pool Waiver Policy

The City of Piqua provides a waiver for wastewater costs to customers on an annual basis for permanent swimming pools during the months of May through September. Customers applying must complete an application form each year for waiver approval. Applications can be obtained from the Piqua Utility Billing Office. Upon completion of the application, an inspection will be made to verify the pool at the identified property and the size of the pool. Customers with an outstanding city account will not be eligible for the Pool Waiver Credit. 

Pool Waiver Credit Application (PDF) 

The waiver will apply as credits to the customer’s sewer account. Credits will be given based on the following water usage for the swimming pool fill-up:

  • Less than 8,000 gallons    No sewer credit
  • 8,000 to9,000 gallons               $25.00 sewer credit
  • 10,000 to 15,000 gallons           $50.00 sewer credit
  • 16,000 to 20,000 gallons            $75.00 sewer credit
  • 21,000 to 26,000 gallons            $100.00 sewer credit
  • Greater than 27,000 gallons    $125.00 sewer credit

Winter Disconnect Policy

Utility disconnections shall occur throughout the year for all households, except for Life/Medical Support Program situations. During the winter months (December-February), the city will postpone a non-pay disconnection when the temperature is below and remains below 10 degrees for a 24-hour period.