Utilities Department

The City of Piqua Utilities Department is responsible for:

  • Water
  • Wastewater
  • Stormwater
  • Underground

Water and Sewer Emergency Number

After 3 pm, for any water or sewer emergencies please contact the Water Division at 937-778-2090. 

The Piqua Municipal Water System is a division of the Utility Department. The Water Division is responsible for:

  • Obtaining and protecting an adequate supply of raw water
  • The operation and maintenance of a 7.0 million gallon per day surface water treatment plant
  • The operation and maintenance of over 110 miles of water main
  • 2 booster pump stations and4 elevated water storage tanks to supply water
  • Meeting federal and state health standards for the residential, commercial, and industrial customers of the City of Piqua

Backflow Prevention

The Backflow and Cross-Connection Control Program for the City of Piqua is overseen by the Piqua Municipal Water System. The regulations governing the Backflow and Cross-Connection Control Program can be found in the City of Piqua Code of Ordinances in section 53.47 and the Ohio Administrative Code in sections 3745-95-01 through 3745-95-08.

The Backflow and Cross-Connection Control Program oversees the installation and testing of backflow devices on water service lines to isolate the potable water system from contaminates that could backflow into the potable water system. The types of facilities that are required to have backflow devices are Hospitals, Laboratories, Sewage Treatment Plants, Chemical Plants, Irrigation Systems, and other facilities that (in the judgment of the Plumbing Inspector or the Water System Superintendent) have the potential to have a cross-connection between the public water system and a potentially hazardous substance.

Backflow Prevention Devices are required to be inspected and tested by a person certified by the Ohio Department of Health when they are installed and every 12 months thereafter. A copy of the test results must be sent to the Piqua Municipal Water System each year. The device must be dismantled, inspected internally, cleaned, and repaired whenever needed and at least every 30 months.

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