‘Adopt-A-Hydrant’ for the Safety of Your Neighborhood

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In light of the snow on the ground and what remains in the forecast for the rest of the season, the Piqua Fire Department is stressing the importance of keeping fire hydrants clear, especially as several feet of snow continue to line local roadways. Keeping hydrants free of snow, ice, or any other winter debris can save Firefighters valuable time for their response to an emergency situation.

“The community’s collective safety should always be a priority, and we are always willing to work with residents and local business owners in order to ensure it,” said Fire Chief Brent Pohlschneider. “Clearing just three feet around a fire hydrant can save the fire department such valuable time, and it protects both you and your neighbors from any potential devastating delays during a response to a fire emergency.”

Piqua residents can “adopt” a fire hydrant nearby in order to take on the responsibility to report any hydrant issues and keep it clear after and during snowstorms. In case of a potential emergency, clearing approximately three feet around a hydrant provides both firefighters and water department staff with easy access and location during these inclement winter weather conditions.

The Fire Department also asks its residents to consider assisting those in the community who are unable to clear their own fire hydrants due to physical limitations. These can be neighbors, friends, or even family members who need your help to prepare in case of an emergency. Residents who have left their homes for the winter season are asked to notify a neighbor so they can ensure the hydrant is cleared.

If you have any further questions, please contact the City of Piqua Fire Department at 937-778-2013 or visit City of Piqua at www.piquaoh.org.


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