Awesome Piqua Grant to St. James Church for Little Free Pantry

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The Awesome Piqua Chapter of the Awesome Foundation just helped make Piqua more awesome with a grant to Saint James Episcopal Church, for them to construct, erect and “operate” a Little Free Pantry and, nearby, a Little Free Library.


Cindy Pearson and Rev. Robert Hill (Center) of St. James Church Receive the Awesome Piqua Grant


Cindy Pearson and Rev. Robert Hill were two of the church leaders who received Awesome Piqua’s “big check”  — and a paper bag with $1,000 inside — on 14 Nov, awarded by Awesome Piqua Trustees.  Dan French, Dean of Awesome Piqua, observed: “This, our 11th grant, should help spread joy and delight in our community, as well as meeting the real needs of some of our fellow Piquads – that’s very awesome!”

Rev. Hill noted “St. James has a long history of outreach to the community, and in the recent past we had a large food pantry that served the needs of many in Piqua.  Sadly we no longer have a congregation large enough to support such a large ministry but we still have the desire to reach out and serve the community.

Earlier this year I told the congregation about the little free pantry in my neighborhood in Columbus and we got the idea of starting one in Piqua.  The idea behind a little free pantry is that it’s a store cupboard open to the community.  Anyone who has anything extra they don’t need is welcome to put items in at any time.  Anyone who needs something is invited to take it.  These little free pantries are available at all hours.  Perhaps best of all, they turn the client/patron relationship on its head.  Whether donating or receiving everyone uses the same door.  When someone is standing in front of the pantry, it is impossible to tell whether they’re putting items in or taking items out.  Perhaps they’re doing both.”

He continued:  “This wonderful $1,000 grant from “Awesome Piqua” enables us to build two of these pantries.  They will soon be standing in front of the church at the corner of High and Wayne.  One of these pantries will be a “Little Free Library” and one will be a “Little Free Pantry.”  The library will be a community bookshelf and the pantry will be a community cupboard for non-perishable items.  We invite and encourage everyone in the community to use them both and check them out frequently.  If you have books or non-perishable items to spare, stop by and drop them off.  Perhaps you’ll see something you want or need.  If you need something, stop by and see what’s available.  Perhaps you’ll realize you also have something to donate.  If you find a good deal on toilet paper, diapers, or anything else, buy a little extra and drop off what you don’t need.   The only rules for the pantry and library are simple: Take what you need.  Leave what you can.  Give as you are able.”

Awesome Piqua, the first Awesome Chapter in Ohio, is made up of fourteen trustees from different walks of life and ages, who generously contribute to make the $1,000 grants.  Awesome Piqua ( is focused on funding new projects which will make the Piqua community a better place in which to live and work – the mission of Positively Promoting Piqua, which is the creator and main organizer of the local chapter.


Applications for a $1,000 Awesome Piqua grant can be made by individuals, groups or non-profit organizations, alike. Grant recipients do not need to be approved charitable 501c3 organizations.  Applications can be made by visiting the Awesome Piqua website at and clicking on the “Apply Here” link at the top of the page.  Generally, every month the Awesome Piqua trustees will review the grant applications received, discuss the awesomeness of each new idea and choose the winning idea to receive the $1,000 grant, no-strings-attached.

What’s the catch? That’s the best part – there is none!  Share your awesome idea. If your grant application is selected, you’ll receive $1,000 to implement the idea. And put your awesome idea in motion! Anyone with a truly awesome idea can get some support to take their initiative to the next level, with some assistance from the Awesome Piqua organization!  Information on the organization can also be found at   Keep Piqua Awesome!




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