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Neighborhood Block Parties Needed for National Night Out on August 3, 2021 – Register Now! (Police Media Release Number: 21MR01)

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National Night Out, Tuesday, August 3, 2021, from 6pm to 8pm


The Piqua Police Department, in cooperation with the PROTECT Piqua Board of Trustees, is once again participating in numerous block parties across the city during National Night Out, Tuesday, August 3, 2021, from 6pm to 8pm.

“Community crime prevention starts at the neighborhood level,” according to Piqua Chief of Police Rick Byron, “so we want to use National Night Out to build stronger neighborhoods in every area of the city.” During this time period, neighbors throughout Piqua and across the nation are asked to lock their doors, turn on your front porch lights, and spend the evening outside with neighbors, law enforcement, and our many community partners, such as the fire department and social service agencies.

Now is the time to begin planning for a successful event in your neighborhood, and we can help with that planning. Registered neighborhoods can expect visits from police and fire. Activities, entertainment, and food make for successful events. PROTECT can provide advice for organizers of local block parties for all of these elements.

National Night Out is an annual community-building campaign that promotes police-community partnerships and neighborhood camaraderie to make our neighborhoods safer, better places to live. Together, we are making that happen.

Call Officer Chris Walters at 778-2027 (Extension 3027) or Rick Byron at 778-2036 for additional information and to register your block on the list of official National Night Out block parties.

Media Contact: Rick Byron, CLEE, 937-778-2036,


Transparency at the Piqua Police Department (Media Release Number: 18MR06)

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The Piqua Police Department is constantly balancing the public interests of knowing what we are doing with the legal protections afforded to private individuals and the integrity of criminal investigations. Our records belong to our citizens, so we have systems in place to ensure the public of the transparency they deserve.

“We got some statistics from one of our public information platforms today,” says Piqua Chief of Police Bruce Jamison. “This shows us that thousands of people have seen our public information logs. Our goal is to be sure everyone that is interested is aware of the tools our department makes available so they are conscious of what their tax dollars are being used for.”

Chief Jamison goes on to explain how PROTECT officer help in teaching citizens how to make the best use of these tools based on their personal interests.

Public Information Logs and Media Arrest Summaries

Three times a week, we publish a report that shows every incident we responded to after we have reviewed it for any information we are prohibited by law from releasing. In very unusual situations where we have requested a warrant for an arrest on a pending case, we might redact that arrest record. These logs are first sent to media outlets. We then do some further redaction for privacy concerns and publish the reports to the general public to Because some of these redactions are still public record, we release the redacted information upon request. There is a link to this platform on our website, and our website explains how to understand this information in proper context.

Community Crime Map

Every interested citizen is encouraged to go to, zoom into Piqua, and see a map of our incidents. These incidents are downloaded around 5am daily. Citizens can even set up “crime alerts” so they receive an emailed report of incidents that would interest them (all within a certain radius of their home, all of a certain type in Piqua, etc.) at the frequency they desire. This is a customized neighborhood watch report.

Personal Assistance

We understand that not all citizens are able to access these without assistance. If any Piqua resident would like help getting to our published information, customized to their particular interest, we’d like to help. By calling 937-778-2027, Option 2, and ask to speak to the on-duty PROTECT officer (24/7), we will personally direct you to this information. If they are not available at that moment, please leave a message with your contact information. You can also email and your email will be responded to by an on-duty PROTECT officer or assigned to one within 24-hours.


Suspect Arrested After Citizen Report of Threatening Statements – 18PIO6586 (Police Department Media Release Number: 18MR05)

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Shortly before 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday, May 22, 2018, a concerned citizen contacted a Piqua Police Department officer to report threatening statements made by a co-worker. The threats involved “shooting up” a school, using explosives at a school, and referring to other school shooters as “amateurs.” The person that made the comments was William C. Ingle, age 21 of Piqua. Investigation was conducted and witness statements were obtained.

Ingle was taken into custody around 12:30 p.m. that day and has been charged with Making False Alarms, a Felony of the Third Degree. He is currently incarcerated in the Miami County Jail. Ingle was taken into custody before he had an opportunity to carry out his threats.

“I’m pleased that our entire community takes threats like this seriously,” said Piqua Chief of Police Bruce Jamison. “We have citizens willing to ‘say something’ when they ‘hear something.’ Our officers are assertive in using any protective measures available to us during these investigations.”

Piqua City Schools were notified shortly before Ingle was taken into custody and approved measures to prohibit Ingle from accessing school property once he is released from jail. They were not asked to lock-down the schools, as other protective measures were adequate through surveillance and control of the suspect.

Media Contact: Bruce A. Jamison, CLEE, Chief of Police, cell – 937.606.0726



Threat Assessment Procedures in Piqua (Police Media Release: 18MR03)

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Anxiety related to school shootings has understandably increased over the past week. We want to hear about concerns and threats so we can be proactive in addressing them, so thank you for those reports made directly to us. Citizen anxiety is probably escalated after the most recent shooting as it has clearly demonstrated system inadequacies and showcased a person that seems to have committed violent acts despite reports of the potential threat. We have no interest in being part of any blame games in other jurisdictions, but we would like to address how we assess threats in Piqua so people will continue to report them. We also seek to serve a community that is not creating panic by inappropriately passing along false rumors and want to provide citizens with the knowledge and tools they need to feel safe.

In Piqua, we first take protective measures for uninvolved parties to a threat which could include closing a school/business or making an announcement to those affected. We then gather multi-disciplinary teams to assess information that could lead a reasonable person to believe a violent act could occur. We include law enforcement and a mental health component along with teams familiar with the situation or concern. In factories, this is frequently HR, senior management, and floor supervisors. At a school, this would include principals, in-school counselors, and other staff with direct knowledge. We are just beginning to establish threat assessment teams in houses of worship and defining what those might look like. These are confidential gatherings where the various disciplines may share information that is otherwise protected. The legal ability to share this information must be assessed by the entity that has the information, and the privacy exceptions can apply in the interest of protecting lives.

In Piqua, we have developed a tool based on several sources that have determined clear indicators of potential violence based on studies of previous incidents. Those indicators have not changed much even though we have seen a continuous evolution of active shooter trends. This multi-disciplinary team determines a “level of concern” for the threat. Low and medium concerns result in continual monitoring and usually follow-up actions by the school or business. If the team decides, after the review, that
• it is reasonable to believe the subject poses a threat to themselves or others; or
• the subject appears to be on path to attack, then
our agency takes control of the situation for arrest and/or involuntary mental health evaluation, and we continue communication with the school or business to conduct reentry plans for the subject to the school or work environment. Additional protective measures for other parties may also be implemented.

A threat assessment goes beyond determining whether a subject said something threatening. If they said something illegal and we can prove it, they get charged. We still assess the threat for both the intent and the capacity of the subject to carry it out. When threats are brought to our attention outside of school or work hours, we frequently prohibit the student or employee from coming to the potential target site while conducting the investigation.

We want to encourage citizens to report their concerns. They can simply call 937-440-9911 and ask to speak to an officer, or they can use our anonymous Submit-A-Tip system. We discourage people from getting on social media and asking if anyone else has the same concern, or issuing their own warnings to their social media audience that is based on second-hand information. “I have yet to see one of our cases benefit from private citizens issuing their own warnings or reports of threats to a broad social media audience.,” said Piqua Chief of Police Bruce Jamison, “And if you add to that equation a warning or the repetition of an unsubstantiated rumor, it interferes with our investigation and can actually create its own safety hazards.”

There are several other tip lines and anonymous tip services available. They will pass information specific to Piqua along to us. Likewise, we forward our tips to more appropriate agencies when we don’t have jurisdiction.

Please, don’t hesitate to report your concerns or threats that you witness directly to us. And, think twice before passing along any information on social media outlets when you don’t personally know that information to be true.

Submit-A-Tip –

Media Contact: Bruce A. Jamison, Chief of Police, 937-778-2029


Death Investigation – Rench Street (Police Department Media Release Number: 18MR01)

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As several media sources have reported, the Piqua Police Department responded to the report of a death at 208 Rench Street, Piqua, yesterday at 3:08 pm. Initial investigation indicated the probable manner of death was due to a self-inflicted firearm wound. However, several suspicious circumstances necessitated additional investigation to make a reasonable determination of this.

Our Patrol Division appropriately contacted our detective section as they handled a difficult scene on their initial response. We would like to thank the State of Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation, the Miami County Coroner’s Office, and the Montgomery County Coroner’s Office for their assistance to our Investigation Division to resolve this investigation quickly on behalf of our department and in the interests of a grieving family.

With the cooperation of all the investigating agencies, we have determined this case to be a suicide death resulting from two gunshot wounds inflicted by the 36-year-old male victim, who resided at this residence. In accordance with Ohio Public Record laws, his name will be released upon request to our agency at the number below.

Media Contact: Bruce A. Jamison, Chief of Police, 937-606-0726 (cell)



National Prescription Drug Take Back Day

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The Piqua Police Department will be participating in the National Prescription Drug Take Back Day on Saturday, October 28, 2017 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.  Police will be stationed at the Piqua Police flagpole at 100 N. Wayne Street.

Take advantage of this opportunity to get rid of your unneeded prescription drugs.  Most abused prescription drugs come from family and friends.  You could be a drug dealer and not even know it!

National Prescription Drug Take Back Day Information




Missing Juvenile – Matthew Muncey (Police Media Release: 17MR13)

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MATHEW D. MUNCEY Missing From: Piqua, Ohio Date Missing: 9/15/17

Matthew D. Muncey, age 17, is missing. Please distribute this information through appropriate channels. We believe this child is still in the Piqua area. The poster and/or .jpg version of the picture are available upon request.

Information can be submitted anonymously through any of our Submit-A-Tip platforms, explained at

Media Contact: Bruce A. Jamison, CLEE, Chief of Police,937-778-2027 ext 3029.


OR MIAMI COUNTY 911 (937) 440-9911


Missing From: Piqua, Ohio
Date Missing: 9/15/17
Date of Birth: 10/11/99
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Height: 6 ft
Weight: 130
Build: Medium
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

Race: Caucasian
Complexion: Fair

Clothing: Last seen wearing ripped blue jeans, white Nike shoes, and unknown shirt. Has tattoo of “Muncey” on forearm.


Child left voluntarily and is believed to be still in the Piqua, Ohio area. He is entered as a Endangered Missing Juvenile.


Commercial Burglary and Pursuit (Police Media Release: 17MR11)

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At approximately 2am on today’s date, a large number of suspects conducted a “smash and grab” at the Cricket phone store inside Francis Office Supply in downtown Piqua. They were inside the store for less than a minute. Between six and ten suspects used two different vehicles for transportation. The vehicles were stolen from two different locations in Miami County.

A Piqua police officer located these vehicles several blocks from the crime scene, and they both fled. One was immediately pursued by the initial officer at high speeds until it was lost in west Dayton. The second vehicle was spotted a few minutes later by another Piqua police officer. It was pursued into east Dayton, where multiple suspects jumped out of the vehicle in a parking lot in the River Commons Apartment Complex, 144 E. Helena.

All of the involved suspects are currently at-large.

Images and video will be posted to department social media as available. We know these will not provide easily identifiable features, but if clothing looks familiar, broken glass was noticed on a possible suspect, or other features lead a citizen to suspect an individual, we would appreciate receiving a tip, anonymous or otherwise. Reward money is available for tipsters who can remain anonymous by calling 937-615-TIPS(8477), or use any of our other anonymous Submit-A-Tip methods accessible at


Police Media Release: 17MR11 – VIDEO 1


Police Media Release: 17MR11 – VIDEO 2



Media Contact: Deputy Chief Jason Preston, Patrol Division Commander, 937-778-2027 ext. 3025



Shots Fired at Mulligans – Update (Piqua Police Department Media Release Number: 17MR10)

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* On August 11, 1970, Officer Jan Mulder was shot and killed in this same building, known as the Fort Piqua Hotel at the time. Piqua remembers his sacrifice.

Threats related to the case that started as a disturbance with shots fired at 110 W. High St., Piqua, on 8/10/17 at 11:09 pm, are now resolved. As previously reported, Eduardo A. Fitch, 42, of Troy, was taken into custody at 303 E. North Street at approximately 1:49 am this morning, when officer located a suspect vehicle in the area and saw suspects matching a description from the scene of the disturbance. He is currently incarcerated at the Miami County Jail on several felonies and misdemeanor offenses related to this incident. The weapon believed to have been used was recovered inside 303 E. North St.

Based on witness statements obtained at the original scene, another white male subject was transported to the Piqua Police station for questioning. Based on investigation that included comparison of this subject’s statement and video from the scene, it was determined he did not possess a weapon or directly participate in a crime. He was released after questioning.

Investigation also revealed that a subject that was already in the bar when Fitch arrived and then discharged a handgun into the air had also brandished a handgun and fired a shot into the air. This was apparently in response to Fitch’s shot. A surveillance picture of this subject was published by our department this afternoon. Within an hour of the photos being published, this subject turned himself into the police department

This subject was identified as Joshua R. Stannard, 26, of Fairborn. He was cooperative and surrendered the weapon believed to have been used last night. Stannard was arrested and incarcerated in the Miami County Jail on a warrant from the State of Colorado for a weapons violation. Additional local charges are pending additional investigation.

Three subjects were originally sought as suspects in criminal activity based on eyewitness statements, and three weapons were believed to be involved. Investigation revealed only two suspects engaged in criminal activity. Both of these suspects are now in jail, and both weapons fired in downtown Piqua last night have been recovered. As usual, Piqua citizens engaged with law enforcement for safe resolution of a crime. Other local law enforcement agencies involved included the Miami County Sheriff’s Office, Ohio State Highway Patrol, Covington Police Department and Troy Police Department. We are very grateful for their assistance.

Media Contact: Bruce A. Jamison, Chief of Police, 937-606-0726 (cell)



Fatal Motorcycle Crash – Victim Identified (Piqua Police Department Media Release Number: 17MR09)

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On Saturday, July 29, 2017, at 3:38 pm, a Piqua Police Officer on patrol heard a crash involving a passenger vehicle and a motorcycle at the intersection of Main and High Streets in downtown Piqua. Piqua Fire/EMS arrived and transported the motorcyclist to a landing zone for Careflight transportation to Miami Valley Hospital. The driver of the vehicle was not injured. The motorcyclist passed away at approximately 9:15 pm.

The victim is Walter C. Rice, Jr., age 45, of Piqua.

We appreciate assistance we are receiving from Miami County Sheriff’s Office Crash Reconstructionists and will present all evidence obtained to the Miami County Grand Jury for consideration.


Media Contact: Bruce A. Jamison, Chief of Police, 937-606-0726 (cell)



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