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The Planning and Zoning office informs public policy decisions through the development of the City of Piqua Comprehensive Plan (Plan It Piqua Comprehensive Plan 2007 Update) and neighborhood and downtown planning and initiatives.

The office develops and implements urban design plans and standards through the administering of building, property maintenance, historic preservation, subdivision, zoning, and floodplain regulations, and the delivery of plan review, permitting, and inspection services incidental thereto.

The Planning and Zoning staff works closely with elected officials, citizens, stakeholders, and planning boards and committees on wide variety of land use matters and community issues.  The office provides guidance and support to the City Commission, Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals, and Historic Preservation Board and routinely interacts with local organizations involved in civic matters.

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Below is a link to the “Citizen’s Guide to Building and Zoning”. It is intended to provide the average homeowner with an easy to read and understandable guide that will assist you obtaining permits for typical home improvement projects and property maintained matters.

Citizens Guide To Building And Zoning



City of Piqua Zoning Map



Below is a link to the Charter and Ordinances for the City of Piqua. You can access the Zoning Code (Chapter 154) within the documents by following the instructions below the link. The City of Piqua information on the American Legal web page is updated on a periodic basis. The City of Piqua charter and ordinances on the American Legal web page may not contain the most recent or updated ordinances and charter modifications. For the most up-to-date information, please contact the City of Piqua City Manager’s Office.

City of Piqua Charter and Ordinances

Instructions for accessing the Zoning Code
on the American Legal web page:
1) Choose Title XV: Land Usage (listed on left)
2 Choose Chapter 154: Zoning


The purpose of the Planning and Zoning office is to administer the tasks necessary to plan, implement, and regulate land uses, while protecting and improving the quality of life in our community.

General Government, Public Safety, Land Use, Transportation, Parks and Recreation, Cultural Interest, and Utilities…Each element is as essential as the next in maintaining the dynamics that support the standard of quality, level of service, and range of services desired by the community. Planning and Zoning endeavors to influence, with prudence, the capital improvement projects, land use developments, and community desires being contemplated for approval by city government. The office works to ensure the timeliness of implementing any such project will best suit the current needs of the community, will stimulate synergy between projects, and will contribute to sustainable and affordable growth in our community.

The Planning and Zoning Office is a division of the City of Piqua Development Office and operates under the leadership of the Community and Economic Development Director, Chris Schmiesing.

Planning and Zoning Department
201 W Water Street
Piqua OH 45356
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