City of Piqua Code Compliance Coordinator Appointed to Miami Valley Building Officials Council Board of Directors.

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City of Piqua Code Compliance Coordinator, Aaron Morrison has been appointed to serve on the Board of Directors for the Miami Valley Building Officials Council (MVBOC) through 2019. Aaron joined the City of Piqua Planning and Zoning team in June of 2016 and is responsible for performing inspections and code enforcement duties.


“I work with Piqua’s citizens, businesses and elected officials to ensure property and building conditions are maintained in a safe and responsible manner.” Aaron stated.


Aaron’s education and past work includes experiences in the fields of civil engineering, construction management, and architecture. He previously worked for 12 years in the Miami County Engineer’s office and has more than 10 years of hands on experience in residential and commercial building and design.


The MVBOC is a chapter of the Ohio Building Officials Association and the International Code Council, the organizations largely responsible for developing the building and property maintenance codes adopted and enforced by most local jurisdictions. The MVBOC organization consist of over one-hundred dedicated professionals who work to preserve and promote public safety, health and general welfare of the citizens in the Miami Valley. Aaron is also a member of the Ohio Code Enforcement Officials Association and the Piqua Residence Pride Committee.


Aaron’s supervisor, City Planner, Chris Schmiesing, stated, “Aaron’s work is a vital part of our efforts to enhance quality of life in Piqua.  His involvement with organizations such as MVBOC is testament of his commitment to stay connected with peer groups and other resources that support his work to better our community.”


For more information, please contact the Planning and Zoning department at 778-2049.

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