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City Commissioners

Thomas Fogt, Ward 1
Cindy Pearson, Ward 2 
Kris Lee, Mayor, Ward 3
Chris Grissom, Vice Mayor, Ward 4
Kathryn “Kazy” Hinds, Ward 5


City Manager’s Office 201 W. Water St. 937-778-2051

Paul L. Oberdorfer, City Manager
Cynthia Holtzapple, Assistant City Manager


Community & Economic Development 201 W. Water St. 937-778-2049

Chris Schmiesing, Director

Kyrsten French, City Planner

Janel Ranly, Community Development Manager


Engineering Department 201 W. Water St. 937-778-2044

Amy Havenar, City Engineer


Finance Department 201 W. Water St.. 937-778-2065

Cynthia Holtzapple, Finance Director
Lisa Cavender, Accounting / Income Tax
Robin Hungerford, UBO Manager (Utility Billing)


Fire Department 229 W. Water St. 937-778-2013

Brent Pohlschneider, Fire Chief


Golf Course (Echo Hills Golf Course) 2100 Echo Lake 937-778-2086

Chip Fox, Golf Professional


Health & Sanitation 201 W. Water St. 937-778-2060

Amy Welker, Director
Chris Boeke, Sanitarian
Public Health Nurse


Human Resources 201 W. Water St. 937-778-2052

Catherine Bogan, Director


Income Tax Department 201 W. Water St.. 937-778-2009

Cynthia Holtzapple, Finance Director
Lisa Cavender, Accounting / Income Tax


Information Technology 201 W. Water St. 937-778-2064

Dean Burch, Director


Law Director 201 W. Water St. 937-778-2042

Frank Patrizio, City Law Director


Planning & Zoning 201 W. Water St. 937-778-2049

Aaron Morrison, Code Compliance Coordinator


Police Department 100 N. Wayne St. 937-778-2027

Rick Byron, Police Chief


Power System 201 Hemm Avenue 937-778-2077

Ed Krieger, Director


Public Relations – Special Events 201 W. Water St. 937-778-2037

Brittany Van Horn, Coordinator


Public Works Department 859 S. Main St. 937-778-2095

Brian Brookhart, Director


Purchasing  201 W. Water St. 937-778-4002

Beverly Yount, Purchasing Analyst


Underground Utility  121 Bridge St. 937-778-2018

Shane Johnson, Superintendent


Utilities Business Office (Utility Billing) 201 W. Water St. 937-778-2000

Robin Hungerford, UBO Manager


Utilities Department  201 W. Water St. 937-778-2054

Kevin Krejny, Director


Wastewater Plant 121 Bridge St. 937-778-2088

Chris Melvin, Superintendent


Water Plant 9801 N. St. Rt. 66 937-778-2090

Don Freisthler, Superintendent


Water Quality  201 W. Water St.. 937-778-2059

Sky Schelle, Manager



201 W. Water Street, Piqua, OH 45356
City Manager Office: 937-778-2051 | Utilities Business Office: 937-778-2000
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