From the Piqua Public Library – A Guide to Researching Your Home’s History

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AmeriCorps Worker Dana Cress

Piqua Library Hosts How-To Class for Homeowner Research

If you have ever been curious about the history of your home, AmeriCorps worker Dana Cress will teach you how to find the records you need.

Cress has worked in the Piqua area for more than a year, surveying properties for the Ohio History Service Corps. She has spent many hours at the Auditor’s office in Troy, researching deeds and tax information to create a history for each historic building in her survey area.

In addition to the records on file in the Auditor’s office, Cress notes that the library’s Local History Department has files that include overviews of many historic homes in Piqua, maps, census records, atlases, and additional sources of information to help the home researcher.

In addition to the construction date of the home, it is often possible to determine the original building materials, dates of renovation and additions, outbuildings and their uses, original real estate transfers, and more.

According to Cress, “Once you have located a map that shows the home, you can attempt to find a reverse index that lists the owner’s name. After that, you may want to look at census information to find out what kind of work they did, how large the family was, or any other facts that would help to piece together the history of the people that have called your place home. The process is part historic survey and part genealogy.”

Not every home has a clear lineage, but many have interesting histories that are available to those willing to take the time to do the research. This overview session is intended to give you the information needed to start your search.

The free session will be held in the Piqua Public Library’s Louis Program Room on Saturday, January 21, at 2:00PM. You may wish to bring a notepad and pen. You are encouraged to bring a friend.


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