Historic East Piqua Master Plan



Historic East Piqua Master Plan – June 2015



The Historic East Piqua neighborhood acts as an important gateway into the City of Piqua. Located east of Spring Street, and bordered by the Great Miami River to the north, east and south, the neighborhood presents a unique opportunity for reinvestment and revitalization. While Historic East Piqua has faced some challenges, recent City planning studies have helped focus attention on the potential of the area. The Historic East Piqua MasterPlan is the most recent of these planning efforts.

The Historic East Piqua Master Plan builds upon the recommendations of previous plans for the neighborhood, and identifies health and wellness, recreation, and infill development opportunities and strategies for the area. In order for the master plan to be successful, it is important to consider the context of the neighborhood. Therefore an area of influence has been identified adjacent to the Historic East Piqua neighborhood, which includes adjacent historic neighborhoods, the riverfront, and Downtown Piqua. These areas impact the potential of the neighborhood and the type of development
and recommendations proposed in this plan. The continuous planning efforts within these areas will work in conjunction with efforts in the Historic East Piqua neighborhood to improve the greater Piqua community.

The documents below make up the Historic East Piqua Master Plan. It highlights important planning efforts in both the primary study area and the area of influence, as well as describes the planning process for the Historic East Piqua master planning effort. From this foundation, the Plan will explore the existing conditions and opportunities of the neighborhood.


Historic East Piqua Master Plan - Part 1

Historic East Piqua Master Plan - Part 2

Historic East Piqua Master Plan - Appendix

Historic East Piqua Master Plan - Windshield Survey Appendix (Part 4)

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