Miami County Public Health COVID-19 Update

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Miami County remains at a Red #3 COVID-19 risk level. This Red #3 COVID-19 Risk Level is due to Miami County meeting the criteria for 4 of the 7 Alert Indicators:

  • 50+ cases /100,000 population within last 2 weeks
  • More than 50% of new cases are from non-congregate care living
  • COVID-like Emergency Department Trajectory increase over a 5-day period
  • Greater than 80% threshold for ICU capacity & 20% COVID ICU

This risk level indicates very high exposure and spread of COVID-19. It is advised that community members limit activities as much as possible and follow all current health orders. Limit events over ten people and non-essential activities as much as possible. In addition to the 4 indicators met, Miami County is listed as a High Incidence area. Currently, Miami County is ranked 11th out of the 88 counties for highest case rate/100,000. Miami County will stay at a Red level #3 until we are no longer in the high incidence category.

For more information on the Public Health Advisory System visit:

Since November 27th, 2020 there have been 1470 new COVID-19 cases, 27 new hospitalizations and 1 new death reported. This brings the total number of COVID-19 cases in Miami County to 6032, with 5516 confirmed cases and 516 probable cases, 303 hospitalizations and 69 deaths, with 4188 presumed recovered.

The Ohio Department of Health and Governor DeWine have issued 10 Stay Safe Protocols and holiday guidance to help Ohioans slow the spread of COVID-19. The new Stay Safe Protocols include:

  1. Stay home.
  2. Wear your mask
  3. Keep interactions short and stay apart
  4. Wash your hands
  5. Work from home if possible
  6. Celebrate safe. Celebrate small.
  7. Don’t eat or drink with anyone outside of your household
  8. Limit travel
  9. Keep weddings and funerals safe
  10. Enjoy safe holiday activities.

This holiday season, the best way to protect yourself and your loved ones is to celebrate at home with members of your household. If you decide to get together with others, keep the gathering small (10 people or less), wear masks, wash hands, stay 6 feet from one another, and disinfect frequently touched surfaces. And, as always, if you are sick, stay home and away from others as much as possible.

For more information visit:

It is important that the community be cautious and take the steps necessary to slow the spread of COVID-19. Miami County Public Health urges everyone in the community to follow the safety guidance and celebrate safe. These are the only steps that can be taken to slow the spread of COVID-19.

MCPH continues to work diligently to keep the community safe and informed as the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve in Miami County.

*Graph does not include 185 probable antigen cases.

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