PiquaPOP Street Art & Music Event This Saturday, May 5

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PiquaPOP Street Art & Music Event This Saturday
A One-Day Art and Music Festival is Popping-Up Downtown

PIQUA, OHIO, MAY 2, 2018: PiquaPOP is an interactive art pop-up exhibit, being held on Canal Place in Piqua, Saturday, 5-5-18. (Canal Place is the back street and patio area downtown behind Susie’s Big Dipper and 311 Drafthouse.) The event opens to the public at 9:00AM, and closes at 8:00PM.

This is the first year for PiquaPOP, a community event funded by a grant from the Awesome Piqua foundation, and coordinated by Robin Heintz.

“My son participated in a similar event, called BoldPAS, which took place in Old Pasadena in California. I loved the idea and wished that ‘someone’ would do a similar event here. After some prodding by friends, it turns out that I was the ‘someone’ to do it!” Heintz says. “That’s where the fine folks at Awesome Piqua came in. I was awarded a $1000 grant to make PiquaPOP happen.”

“The Piqua Arts Council and the Piqua Public Library are also partners in PiquaPOP. The Arts Council has provided expertise about permits and safety, and their member-artists have been invited to set up easels and work outside during the event. In fact, any area artist that would like to work ‘en plein air’ – whether they paint, illustrate with a tablet, do hand-carving, or other small-scale work – is welcome to join us,” Heintz says. “The Piqua Library has also been very generous. They are providing all of the display panels for the artwork, and allowing us to choose items from their collection to exhibit.”

Children’s crafts and sidewalk chalking for all ages will be offered throughout the day. Several artists will have works on display, and musicians will perform. Scheduled guests include:

“Constant Occurrence” – Quinn Ritzhaupt & Kailyn Simmons of Piqua
Derek Baker of Arcanum, Photography
“Drab Irish Band” – Mike Killian, Sean Shultis, David Croft, Erich Meiring
Kelsey McDowell of Troy, Experiential Art – Kaleidoscope
Courtney Shumard of Piqua, Photography
Jim Shively of Piqua, Airbrush Artist – Custom Vehicles
Matthew Sillman of Piqua, Musician – “Stellar Regions”
Sit ‘N Stitch Yarncrafters, Crochet & Knitting (Bring yarn and join in!)
Bruce Soifer of Dayton, Photography & Digital Art

Music Schedule:
Drab Irish Band from 11-1 – Traditional Irish music, folk, variety.
Constant Occurrence from 5-6 – Ukulele and vocals.
Stellar Regions from 6-8 – Solo instrumental. Jazz/R&B/atmospheric.

Participant Bios:

Constant Occurrence: Quinn Ritzhaupt & Kailyn Simmons, from Piqua, together form a unique two-person combination of vocals and ukulele. They perform covers from various genres, as well as original pieces. You may have seen them performing at Turntable Coffee shop downtown – and they are right at home with any sort of folk/beatnik vibe.

Derek Baker of Arcanum: I currently live in, and grew up in Arcanum, Ohio. Living in Darke County, and around Miami County, has given me a great opportunity to take wildlife photographs. It’s only inspired me to further my skills my travels and education in the art form.

Drab Irish Band: Mike Killian, Sean Shultis, David Croft, and Erich Meiring – Our group is made up of local musicians, some of which are retired veterans. We plays acoustic folk, bluegrass, traditional Irish, and acoustic rock on a variety of instruments. Our music offers a variety of sounds, with our own pieces as well as covers, and Irish and Welsh classics.

Kelsey McDowell of Troy: I like using a lot of different mediums for art. I’ve never built a kaleidoscope before – it required more math and physics than I expected – but it creates a dynamic interactive user experience. I’m very excited to share my creation with visitors at PiquaPOP!

Courtney Schumard of Piqua: What I love about photography is that it catches a single moment forever. I’ve been doing photography since I was 13 years old I plan on majoring in it in college.

Jim Shively of Piqua: I’ve been airbrushing professionally since 1995. Born and raised in Covington, I moved to Piqua in ’89, when I got married to my wife Melody. I can do most anything from real fire to portrait work. I started doing work in the trucking industry and now specialize in motorcycles; I also custom paint cars and do interior murals. I plan on displaying my 2002 Harley Electra glide motorcycle. It has over 100 hours of airbrush work, and orange and blue candy paint. It’s slated for a photo shoot for Rebel Iron magazine.

Matthew Sillman of Piqua: I am a lifelong Piquonian, I have been a musician for twenty+ years that just started gigging in 2017. I call my solo instrumental act Stellar Regions, which covers original and popular music in interpretive ways setting ambiance and audible textures.

Bruce Soifer: Photographer and digital artist, lives in Dayton, Ohio. He received a Bachelor’s Degree from Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, with a major in business and minor in painting. He is a self–taught photographer through books, periodicals, seminars, online classes, and other media; member of DVAC 5 years, Tri-Pod Camera Club 4 years, and National Association of Photoshop Professionals 6 years.

Awards: Best of Show Amateur Light up Dayton 2009 and 2012

Participated in shows throughout Miami Valley cities (Dayton, Kettering, Piqua, and Troy), including Dayton Visual Arts Center Shows. Many pieces sold through DVAC Auctions and Member Shows.

“Light has been the driving force in my art. I observe the direction it comes from, the color, the way it is reflected off different surfaces, or how light passes through materials, and the shadows it creates to show texture. I like to print on different materials, matching the image captured to what fits best. ”

Sit ‘N Stitch Yarncrafters: We are members of a group that meets every Wednesday at noon at the Piqua Public Library. We share a love of crochet and knitting, though any handcraft is welcome. We hope that you join us as we craft at PiquaPOP, then consider joining our group at the library as well!


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