Reminder to Citizens that Placement of Temporary Signs in Right of Way is Prohibited

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Citizens are reminded that placement of unauthorized temporary signs on public land or within the public street right of way is prohibited. Public land includes park grounds, city facilities, and other public spaces such as the downtown square. Public street right of way extends the width of the street improvements to the back of the public sidewalk on both sides of the street (or to just beyond the utility poles when no sidewalk is present). This includes the area between the public sidewalk and the street curb, medians and boulevards, and ditches along uncurbed roadways. Affixing temporary signs to a utility pole, tree, fence or other object on public land or within the public right of way is prohibited.

Temporary signs, including garage sale, yard sale or porch sale signs, contractor signs, political signs, festival signs, or temporary signs with any other message, may be erected on private property with the proper permission. A temporary sign may be up to six square feet in area and up to four feet in height and must be setback at least two feet beyond the front lot line (behind the public sidewalk). The temporary sign should not be placed near a driveway, sidewalk or street in such a manner that the sign becomes an obstruction to the sight lines of pedestrians or motorists or otherwise creates a public safety hazard. The sign must be capable of withstanding ordinary weather conditions and at such time the purpose of the temporary sign becomes obsolete the sign is to be removed.

Please note that unauthorized temporary signs placed on public land or within the public right of way may be removed without prior notice by City of Piqua maintenance crews or by the adjoining private property owner responsible for maintenance of the subject right of way area.

For more information regarding temporary sign standards please contact the City of Piqua Development Department at (937) 778-2049.

Contact: Chris Schmiesing, City Planner
Phone (937) 778-2049



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