Downtown Riverfront District Development



Riverfront District Development Strategy


The Redevelopment of the Downtown Riverfront is the most significant and impactful project that will take place in Piqua for decades into the future. City Manager Gary Huff, on numerous occasions has referred to it as an economic “GAME CHANGER” for our community.

The City of Piqua was fortunate to be selected by the Ohio Development Services Agency as the recipient of a pilot study to help determine the impact of existing vacant brownfield sites in this location. As part of the pilot study, the City of Piqua was awarded $50,000 to conduct further planning for the downtown Riverfront District. The city engaged CityVisions Associates of Louisville, Kentucky to assess the buildings and properties located in the district and provide a concept plan for potential redevelopment.

Numerous actions have been taken by the City of Piqua to further advance this important redevelopment opportunity. Grants totaling $400,000 have been successfully obtained from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to conduct environmental assessments of brownfield sites in the Riverfront District and other locations throughout the city. Also, purchase options have been acquired on a number of important properties within the district to protect the redevelopment ability.

As important as the Riverfront District Development Strategy may be, it takes more than city government to make this a reality. It truly needs to be a partnership of both the private and public sectors. We’ve seen how successful the community has been utilizing a private-public approach with the Fort Piqua Plaza. This project is just as important to our future.


Riverfront District Development Strategy - Piqua, Ohio (December 2013)


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